What Should You Delegate As a Manager?

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What Should You Delegate As a Manager?

Delegation The Delegating Dilemma

Delegation is a skill that all managers need to demonstrate and master if they want to be seen as effective.  It’s also a skill that gets overlooked from time to time.  Not necessarily on purpose, but neglected all the same.

Most of the time delegation gets skipped because managers simply don’t know what to delegate.  Once you master which tasks can (and should) be delegated, the skill becomes much easier.

Below, you will find a simple formula for determining the tasks that lend themselves to delegation.  We’d also like to offer you the opportunity to take our Delegating course online for free.  This course is part of our leadership essential series and is regularly $49.00.  We will be giving this course away to the first 50 people who respond.

Choosing Which Tasks to Delegate

1.  Generate a list.  This is a list of all the tasks you you do on a regular basis.  The easiest way to develop this list is to keep a diary for a two week period.  Every time you start a new task as you go about your work, write it in the diary.

2.  Identify the tasks only you can do.  There will be tasks in your diary or list that require you and you alone to do them.  Some are there because they require your specific skill or authority level.  Others are there because they are personnel related and those tasks can never be given to anyone else.

3.  Categorize the remaining tasks.  The tasks that are left on your list can be easily divided by using the following criteria:

A.  Someone else could assist you in completing the task.

B.  Someone else could do it after some coaching.

C.  Someone else could do it.

4.  Replace “someone” with a name.  After you categorize your tasks, match each one up with an employee who could benefit developmentally from helping with or completing the assignment.

Management Delegating Course

If you would like to try our Delegating course for free, don’t forget to sign-up.  Space is limited to the first 50 responses.


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