The Night Before Christmas at The Office

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The Night Before Christmas at The Office

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the office

Not a keyboard was clicking not a tweet in the air

The website was up and the servers were humming

In hopes that new customers soon would be there.


The employees were leaving with bonus in hand

with visions of vacations to far off lands.

And the VPs were huddled in conference room B

hoping to get out, their families to see.


When down in the warehouse there arose such a clatter

We sprang from the table to see what was the matter.

Down past the lunchroom we all did run

right past Joe the Janitor who was dressed like a nun.


The light from the flood lamps gave an ominous glow

and lit up the workers in the loading dock below.

And what did our wondering eyes first see

but a group of UPS drivers with shorts to their knees.


There was a guy with a clipboard, so lively and quick

We knew in a moment is was our accountant Nick.

He checked off the products as they flew toward the door

as he whistled and shouted and yelled out for more.


A widget, a doodad, a fuser, a fitzen

a jammer, a whammer, a thingamaglitzen.

To the trucks they did rush from far down the hall

Now ship away, ship away, ship away all.


And then in an instant, we heard a soft voice

We couldn’t be sure, but it sounded like Joyce.

An intern from marketing, she had all the tools

she was armed with the knowledge she’d learned at two schools.


She was dressed in her sweats

her laptop in hand.

On her earbuds she was listening

to some hip new band.


Her eyes how they twinkled, her smile so bright.

She was laughing and giggling, it was quite a sight.

When she saw us watching, she ran to our place

as if she was winning a gold medal race.


She had cracked Google’s code while skipping her lunch

and the clicks started coming, it was more than a hunch

The analytics would prove that the traffic was real

but the conversion to orders was what made us squeal.


So we all left the office on a day with record sales

we shipped so many packages we broke all our scales.

And we heard Joyce exclaim as she drover her Prius out of sight,

I’m taking tomorrow off, it’s been quite a night!












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