The Glengarry Leads Aren’t Coming, So Work on Your Technique

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The Glengarry Leads Aren’t Coming, So Work on Your Technique

LeadsThere’s a recurring theme through the 1992 classic sales film Glengarry Glen Ross.  The sales group, which may or may not have ever attended any, professional sales training, is convinced that all their problems will be solved if they can only get their hands on the coveted Glengarry leads.  The leads they have, after all, are worthless.  If it were only that easy!  Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to sales.

We’ve been around sales and sales professionals for a long time now.  The scenario above, is from a movie, but was taken from real life.  If it’s not the leads that are the problem, then it is the products.  We attend conferences where the sales team pleads for updates to the product line.  If we only had new products or services to offer, they say, our sales would improve immediately.

What’s interesting to me is that the same products or services, when seen for the first time by someone who is new to the organization, are often lauded as top notch solutions that perfectly fill a void in his/her marketplace.  So what happened, did the product development group slip some new and shiny products into the sales toolkit for the new sales professional.  No.  The new salesperson simply looked at the products or service from a new perspective.

Let’s face it.  New products and services (and new leads for that matter) are a costly and often times risky proposition for the organization.  If you are going to survive and be successful at your current company, your best bet is to improve your ability to sell the products and services you have.  If you are a sales leader, you should consider investing in the selling techniques of your people.  It’s a cost effective and easily measurable approach to reaching your goals and objectives.

Here are three areas to focus on to help you close more deals:

1.  Re-connect with your clients and prospects.  Find out what’s going on in their world.  Understand the situation factors they are facing, the objectives they are trying to achieve, and what keeps them up at night.

2.  Determining the key objectives you can help with.  In other words, understanding how one or more of your products or services can help the client solve a problem.

3.  Framing your recommendation in a such a way that your prospect can clearly see the benefit and will WANT your help in providing a solution.

Sales Training

Finally, consider investing in sales training for your staff.  Not only will it improve the selling techniques of the group, but Sales Training Courses are a great way to help your team bond and it will help to avoid the Glengarry Glen Ross syndrome outlined above.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help your team improve their skills through sales training,  contact us for more information.

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