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SELECT Pre-Employment Assessments
What would the impact be on your business if you could avoid bad hires?

What would a 6-10% improvement in sales mean to your bottom line?

What does early job turnover cost you in terms of money, time, and resources?

If you are interested in addressing these issues in your business,
SELECT pre-employment assessments are the answer for you!

SELECT pre-employment assessments are designed to measure important, work-related, personality characteristics in applicants for industry/job-specific, entry-level jobs. These are validated pre-employment tests that are tailored to the behavioral requirements of over 20 jobs. Each test is predictive of job success and takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete.  SELECT pre-employment tests are simple to administer and score and are short in duration.

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SELECT Pre-Employment Assessments are Available Across Many Industries and Jobs

  • Administrative support pre-employment assessments
  • Banking pre-employment assessments
  • Call center pre-employment assessments
  • Convenience stores pre-employment assessments
  • Customer service pre-employment assessments
  • Entry-level management pre-employment assessments
  • Healthcare pre-employment assessments
  • Hospitality pre-employment assessments
  • Leasing agents pre-employment assessments
  • Personal services pre-employment assessments
  • Production & distribution pre-employment assessments
  • Retail pre-employment assessments

How to Use SELECT Pre-Employment Tests

Each of the SELECT employment tests have been designed to be used early in the employment selection process, after initial screening, but before the employment interview. Test results include interview suggestions and indications of unusual responses that should be followed-up on during the interview.

SELECT pre-employment tests:

  • Provide immediate testing, evaluation and reporting
  • Are easy to customize and validate for your organization
  • Are validated by organizational psychologists
  • Are administered online

SELECT Pre-Employment Tests Predicts Job Success

  • SELECT evaluates the candidates job knowledge for a specific role
  • SELECT evaluates the candidates’ personality and job abilities
  • SELECT identifies competencies as well as underlying personality attributes.
  • The result is an overall predictive indices of performance and integrity appropriate to the job or industry

SELECT Pre-Employment Test Results

The SELECT report provides feedback on potential candidates in the following areas:

  1. Performance Index:  A measure of traits associated with successful performance in the job
  2. Activity level and stamina:  A productive attitude
  3. A positive expectation about people, the company and work-related outcomes:  Frustration tolerance
  4. Emotional resilience:  Acceptance of diversity
  5. Tolerance of others different from self
  6. Integrity Index:  A measure of attitudes about personal integrity and work ethic