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Employee Selection Strategies

Customized Approach

Your business is unique and that is why we offer a customized approach to meet your pre-employment assessment and employee selection needs.

Let On Target Talent partner with you to develop an organization-specific Targeted Recruitment Plan.

Save Time and Money

We offer you the expertise that is needed to find the best talent for your team while saving you time and money.

At On Target Talent, we take a creative and customer-focused approach to assisting our clients with their recruiting, selection, and hiring needs. You can control the cost by hiring out just the pieces and parts that you need.

Pre-Employment Assessment Solutions



Recommended Talent Selection Process

Some of the most common steps in the selection and hiring process are:

Job analysis.

This is an essential first step. Time and money can be wasted if there is not a clear, defined analysis of the duties and responsibilities of the position, salary comparison and buy in from decision makers.

Job description.

The right job description is important to attract the right talent.

Targeted recruiting.

We work with our clients to determine where and how to find the top talent for their organization.


This is an art–not a science–and we will coach you through the process to make the best hiring decisions possible. In some cases, we may suggest Hiring Winning Talent as a training option for your managers.

Testing, References, Background Checks.

There are certain positions where employment tests, such as SELECT or SalesMax, make a lot of sense. Our team will give you our best recommendations given your hiring needs. Not sure about pre-employment tests? Read our blog article on employment assessments. Reference and background checks are standards in the hiring process and we are happy to assist in this area if needed.

Offer Acceptance.

By now, your company has invested a great deal into finding the perfect candidate for the open position. It is now time to close the deal! This can be a critical step in the process and the deal isn’t done until the candidate’s signature is on the offer letter.