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Sales Training

High-performing sales people are needed in every organization. That is why we offer several different sales training options that will get your sales team headed in the right direction. Classroom and eLearning options are available.

CUSTOMER-ORIENTED SELLING (Classroom and eLearning)

Our Customer-Oriented Selling™ program is the most comprehensive and flexible sales development tool available in the marketplace today. Consultative sales forces learn how to build successful business relationships by helping customers achieve both their business and personal objectives.

Customer-Oriented Selling eLearning
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Customer-Oriented Selling Facilitator Guide
Customer-Oriented Selling Participant Workbook

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The relationship representatives establish in the first few seconds of the customer’s call will dictate their chances of success. The first words out of their mouths are the most important part of the whole customer interaction. In the first few seconds, they’ll establish whether they and the organization they work for are professional and responsive to their customers, or not. Representatives want to provide the customer with service, but they also want to look for opportunities to provide products or services to the customer. In this course they will learn what they can do to help make sure the conversation and the relationship with the customer get off to a positive start. They will also learn how they can make the transition from taking an order or providing a service to a sales conversation.

The Incoming Sales Call eLearning


The recommendation begins where the discovery leaves off—with a clear consensus about the customer objectives. Representatives are not selling products and services, they’re selling “solutions” that can help the customer reach his or her objectives. The final “confirming question” to the customer in which the representative and the customer agree that they have understood the customers’ objectives correctly is the foundation for their recommendation. In this course, your representatives will learn the four-step recommendation process which is an essential part of customer interactions.

Making Customer Recommendations eLearning