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Don’t let workplace conflicts tear down your bottom line

You’ve put together a team of individuals whose work ethic and creativity drive the innovation and productivity within your department. Sometimes, however, it is precisely the dedication and diversity of thought you depend on that can cause friction within the ranks.

Can you recognize the signs of conflict before they become a problem? And when trouble does inevitably arise, do you know how to turn the tide and refocus team members’ on the collaborative efforts that make them great?

Develop advanced conflict resolution skills in your team leaders

The ability to identify and deal with discord between workers is a skill every effective manager/supervisor needs. On Target Talent’s Resolving Conflicts™ course for office and industrial team leaders will teach you to:

  • Distinguish between the two major sources of interpersonal workplace conflict – personality clashes and differing approaches to the work
  • Recognize the positive and negative effects of conflict in the workplace
  • Establish a cooperative atmosphere for resolving disputes
  • Help the individuals involved to understand each other’s point of view
  • Lead individuals toward a mutually agreeable solution

Your improved skill at dealing with conflict will result in improved and more productive work relationships  and a reduction of stress for everyone concerned.

Give your management team the right tools for conflict resolution

Through the proven teaching technique of modeling, you will become adept at dealing with conflict over:

  • Quality of work
  • Workload distribution
  • Who’s in charge
  • Dress code
  • Personal differences
  • Character of the work environment
  • Vacation scheduling
  • Differing career goals
  • Competition for tools and resources
  • Competition over resources as status symbols

There is a teaching format to fit within your budget and time constraints

Vital Learning Resolving Conflicts Participant Workbook


Preview the Resolving Conflicts™ Workbook

Whether in the classroom, online or with your own facilitator – our long affiliation with Vital Learning offers the same high quality multi-media experience, real-world practice scenarios, and pre- and post-course assessments that allow you to gauge the success of the training. Just click to review and then purchase preferred training approach:




Add to Cart Vital Learning Resolving Conflicts™ Options * Cost/Unit
SKU: 121401B Blended The flexibility of eLearning AND the interactivity of classroom training. The blended approach maximizes effectiveness while minimizing a leaders’ time away from work and his or her team. $63.50
SKU: 121401 eLearning With the ability to stop and start at any time, your team members enjoy the flexibility of learning at their own pace. $49.00
SKU: 121400 Classroom Our Facilitator Guide and Participant Manual offer a lower-cost option for the classic classroom approach to teaching managerial skills. As opposed to an outside consultant and materials, you need only purchase the Guide and as many Manuals as you need. $400.00
(Facilitator Guide)
SKU: 121401 $49.00
(Participant Manual)

*Vital Learning’s Resolving Conflicts™ course is a module within its Essential Skills of Leadership series. Each module is designed to build upon the skills learned in the preceding module. For that reason, we recommend that you consider the benefit of taking some or all of the preceding modules in the Leadership series.