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Effective work performance assessments will make you look good, too!

Do you have the skills to assess the work of individuals and advise them in a way that will motivate them toward success for all? Clearly, you know how to achieve results. Your success, talents and skills have buoyed you to the management or supervisory position, and that’s why you have a team of individuals looking to you for leadership. But evaluating and motivating change in the work performance of your team members is a responsibility that ultimately makes you look good, too!

Providing performance feedback is a skill you can develop

It’s a surprising fact that knowing the what, why, when, and how of effective job performance feedback is an interpersonal skill too most manager/supervisors do not have in abundance. The good news is that it is a set of skills you can learn and practice – and On Target Talent can help get you up to speed in no time.

Learn the best-practices of handling those crucial conversations about performance

Our Vital Learning Providing Performance FeedbackTM course equips and fine-tunes your front-line managers’ ability to identify, address and improve performance issues, while maintaining strong working relationships and worker self-esteem – thus raising productivity.

  • It provides a collaborative, fair and fact-based model for employee performance reviewing
  • It offers the means with which to help reduce discomfort and improve the payoff from challenging manager/team member discussions
  • It teaches a highly collaborative approach that gives constructive feedback to employees, thus encouraging them to agree to the process, commit to its success, and work to produce greater results

A performance feedback tool tailored to your budget and time constraints

Vital Learning Providing Performance Feedback Participant ManualPreview the Providing Performance Feedback Participant Workbook

You can choose to present the course to your team members according to your budget and time constraints. Each method offers the same high quality multi-media experience, real-world modeling scenarios, and pre- and post-course assessments that allow you to gauge the success of the training. Just click to review and then purchase the approach that works best for you:




Add to Cart Vital Learning Providing Performance FeedbackTM Options * Cost/Unit
SKU: 121411B Blended The flexibility of eLearning AND the interactivity of classroom training. The blended approach maximizes effectiveness while minimizing a leaders’ time away from work and his or her team. $63.50
SKU: 121411 eLearning With the ability to stop and start at any time, your team members enjoy the flexibility of learning at their own pace. $49.00
SKU: 121410 Classroom Our Facilitator Guide and Participant Manual offer a lower-cost option for the classic classroom approach to teaching managerial skills. As opposed to an outside consultant and materials, you need only purchase the Guide and as many Manuals as you need. $400.00
(Facilitator Guide)
SKU: 121414 $49.00
(Participant Manual)

*Vital Learning’s Providing Performance Feedback course is a module within its Essential Skills of Leadership series. Each module is designed to build upon the skills learned in the preceding module. For that reason, we recommend that you consider the benefit of taking some or all of the preceding modules in the Leadership series.