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Is your communication in the workplace good enough when dealing with the boss?

Are you uncomfortable or dread meeting with your boss – especially when you have to deliver bad news?  Well, there are ways to prepare for that meeting, anticipate your higher-up’s expectations, and establish priorities from a more positive, can-do perspective.
On Target Talent’s Communicating UpTM course for business managers and team leaders can help you develop the skills and insight necessary to make “reporting up the chain of command” more effective, more comfortable and more productive for everyone involved.

Presentation skills training will help you to understand and impress those you report to

No matter how experienced a manager you already are, our behavior-modeling approach will enhance your ability to make working with your seniors more productive, purposeful and effective. You will learn how to:

Appeal to your manager’s point of view

  • Prepare fact-based, well-thought-out and clearly stated objectives for the meeting
  • Anticipate any reservations your manager may have about your message
  • Cooperatively set well-defined, beneficial and recognizable goals
  • Ensure that decisions made during your meeting are mutually understood

You can tailor our leadership training course to work within your budget and timeframe

Vital Learning Communicating Up Participant Workbook


Preview the Communicating UpTM Workbook

Whether in the classroom, online or with your own facilitator – our long affiliation with Vital Learning offers the same high quality multi-media experience, real-world practice scenarios, and pre- and post-course assessments that allow you to gauge the success of the training. Just click to review and then purchase the approach that works best for you:



Add to Cart Vital Learning Communicating UpTM Options * Cost/Unit
SKU: 121381B Blended The flexibility of eLearning AND the interactivity of classroom training. The blended approach maximizes effectiveness while minimizing a leaders’ time away from work and his or her team. $63.50
SKU: 121381 eLearning With the ability to stop and start at any time, your team members enjoy the flexibility of learning at their own pace. $49.00
SKU: 121380 Classroom Our Facilitator Guide and Participant Manual offer a lower-cost option for the classic classroom approach to teaching managerial skills. As opposed to an outside consultant and materials, you need only purchase the Guide and as many Manuals as you need. $400.00
(Facilitator Guide)
SKU: 121384 $49.00
(Participant Manual)

* Vital Learning’s Communicating UpTM course is a module within its Essential Skills of Leadership series. Each module is designed to build upon the skills learned in the preceding module. For that reason, we recommend that you consider the benefit of taking some or all of the preceding modules in the Leadership series.