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Leadership Training

On Target Talent has a long affiliation with Vital Learning. Vital Learning is one of the premier providers of leadership training materials. This leadership training series is divided into three critical areas of development: Essential Skills, Talent Management, and Team Development. Leadership training delivery methods include classroom, eLearning, and blended learning formats. Essential Skills of Leadership and Essential Skills of Communication lay the foundation for the entire series.


Essential Skills of Leadership™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Essential Skills of Leadership™ teaches managers contemporary techniques for effective leadership, thereby improving their performance and increasing the productivity of both the team and the organization. Available in English and Spanish.

Essential Skills of Leadership eLearning
Essential Skills of Leadership Blended
Essential Skills of Leadership Facilitator Guide
Essential Skills of Leadership Participant Workbook

Preview the Essential Skills of Leadership Participant Workbook.


Essential Skills of Communicating™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Essential Skills of Communicating™ helps supervisors, team leaders and managers ensure that communication with employees is a two-way process through designing clear, concise messages, listening to improve communication and managing nonverbal behaviors to reinforce the intent of the message. Furthermore, they learn to create a climate of open communication that increases team members’ motivation and commitment. Available in English and Spanish.

Essential Skills of Communicating eLearning
Essential Skills of Communicating Blended
Essential Skills of Communicating Facilitator Guide
Essential Skills of Communicating Participant Workbook

Preview the Essential Skills of Communication Participant Workbook.


Coaching Job Skills™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Coaching Job Skills™ teaches team leaders and managers a process of observation, analysis and communication to help them successfully coach team members in their jobs, as well as widen the breadth of team members’ skill sets. Available in English and Spanish.

Coaching Job Skills eLearning

Coaching Job Skills Blended Learning
Coaching Job Skills Facilitator Guide
Coaching Job Skills Participant Workbook

Preview the Coaching Job Skills Participant Workbook.


Communicating Up™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Communicating Up™ teaches leaders how to hold more successful meetings with their managers and other members of senior management, transforming these meetings into positive, productive experiences. Available in English and Spanish.

Communicating Up™ eLearning

Communicating Up™ Blended Learning
Communicating Up™ Facilitator Guide
Communicating Up™ Participant Workbook

Preview the Communicating Up Participant Workbook


(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Delegating™ teaches supervisors, team leaders and managers how to develop team members in order to strengthen their commitment to the organization’s success, so employees feel more a part of the team and of the entire organization. Available in English and Spanish.

Delegating™ eLearning
Delegating™ Blended Learning
Delegating™ Facilitator Guide
Delegating™ Participant Workbook

Preview the Delegating Participant Workbook.


Developing Performance Goals and Standards™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Developing Performance Goals and Standards™ teaches leaders the SMART — specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented and time-framed — approach with team members, so managers demonstrate their commitment to an open and consistent performance improvement process. Available in English and Spanish.

Developing Performance Goals & Standards eLearning

Developing Performance Goals & Standards Blended Learning
Developing Performance Goals & Standards Facilitator Guide
Developing Performance Goals & Standards Participant Workbook

Preview the Developing Performance Goals and Standards Participant Workbook.


Effective Discipline™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Effective Discipline™ provides leaders with the tools necessary to dramatically reduce employees’ problem behaviors. By involving team members in performance discussions and winning their commitment to behavioral change, leaders can turn a potentially negative interaction into a positive developmental step. Available in English and Spanish.

Effective Discipline™ eLearning
Effective Discipline™ Blended Learning
Effective Discipline™ Facilitator Guide
Effective Discipline™ Participant Workbook

Preview the Effective Discipline Participant Workbook.


Improving Work Habits™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Improving Work Habits™ provides supervisors, team leaders and managers with the tools necessary to recognize and address poor work habits, even those of successful, productive team members. Available in English and Spanish.

Improving Work Habits™ eLearning
Improving Work Habits™ Blended Learning
Improving Work Habits™ Facilitator Guide
Improving Work Habits™ Participant Workbook

Preview the Improving Work Habits Participant Workbook.


Managing Complaints™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Managing Complaints™ provides leaders with a proven process and individual skills to effectively deal with employee complaints in a way that supports employee and team goals. Available in English and Spanish.

Managing Complaints™ eLearning
Managing Complaints™ Blended Learning
Managing Complaints™ Facilitator Guide
Managing Complaints™ Participant Workbook

Preview the Managing Complaints Participant Workbook.


Providing Performance Feedback™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Providing Performance Feedback™ teaches leaders the skills necessary to implement a systematic, fact-based approach to performance improvement through quality feedback. Available in English and Spanish.

Providing Performance Feedback™ eLearning
Providing Performance Feedback™ Blended
Providing Performance Feedback™ Facilitator Guide
Providing Performance Feedback™ Participant Manual

Preview the Providing Performance Feedback Participant Workbook.


Resolving Conflicts™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Resolving Conflicts™ teaches leaders to understand the signs of conflict and find the root causes, so managers can eliminate the issues and minimize the negative effects. Available in English and Spanish.

Resolving Conflicts™ eLearning
Resolving Conflicts™ Blended Learning
Resolving Conflicts™ Facilitator Guide
Resolving Conflicts™ Participant Workbook

Preview the Resolving Conflicts Participant Workbook.


Supporting Change™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Supporting Change™ teaches leaders how to support change while addressing the team’s comfort level with it, enabling leaders to more effectively facilitate the team’s acceptance of new ways of doing things. Available in English and Spanish.

Supporting Change™ eLearning
Supporting Change™ Blended Learning
Supporting Change™ Facilitator Guide
Supporting Change™ Participant Workbook

Preview the Supporting Change Participant Workbook.


Hiring Winning Talent
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Hiring winning talent doesn’t start with a job posting and end when a candidate has been selected. Successful hiring is a structured process that begins with a clear, well defined and justified definition of what capabilities a good candidate must have to be successful and it ends with ensuring the selected individual accepts the offer and joins the organization in a totally positive way. Hiring Winning Talent provides the processes and tools required to master the art and science of identifying and winning great new employees – those that will perform in the top 20%.

Hiring Winning Talent eLearning

Hiring Winning Talent Facilitator Guide
Hiring Winning Talent Participant Workbook


Retaining Winning Talent

Retaining Winning Talent™ provides managers and team leaders with the ability to understand their effect on employee retention and the tools to retain their best performers. The course teaches productive, proactive steps that managers and team leaders can take to keep their best team members happy and dedicated to their jobs.

Retaining Winning Talent™ Facilitator Guide
Retaining Winning Talent™ Participant Workbook

Team Development


Developing and Coaching Others™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Developing and Coaching Others™ helps leaders learn the specifics of how they can effectively influence the learning process and hold “coaching moments” with team members to change undesired behavior and improve productivity and performance. Available in English and Spanish.

Developing and Coaching Others™ eLearning
Developing and Coaching Others™ Blended Learning
Developing and Coaching Others™ Facilitator Guide
Developing and Coaching Others™ Participant Workbook


Leading Successful Projects®

Leading Successful Projects® examines each phase of a project and the questions that must be answered to ensure control of the project and its progress. Available in English and Spanish.

Leading Successful Projects® Facilitator Guide
Leading Successful Projects® Participant Workbook


Motivating Team Members™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Motivating Team Members™ teaches leaders what motivation is and how it inspires employees to do their best. Leaders learn a four-stage plan to influence team members while creating a work environment conducive to high performance. Available in English and Spanish.

Motivating Team Members™ eLearning
Motivating Team Members™ Blended Learning
Motivating Team Members™ Facilitator Guide
Motivating Team Members™ Participant Workbook


Solving Workplace Problems™
(Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Solving Workplace Problems™ provides leaders with an effective approach and the tools necessary to improve current processes that organizations use to solve problems. Available in English and Spanish.

Solving Workplace Problems™ eLearning
Solving Workplace Problems™ Blended Learning
Solving Workplace Problems™ Facilitator Guide
Solving Workplace Problems™ Participant Workbook