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Productivity Training Courses

Highly efficient employees are at the heart of any successful organization. Our employee productivity training courses help employees increase the speed and effectiveness of their work.  Employees will improve their communication skills, learn how to leverage and embrace diversity, improve their accuracy, and learn what professional office behavior is all about.

Achieving Communication Effectiveness (Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Achieving Communication Effectiveness (ACE) is a training program designed to enhance and to improve on-the-job interpersonal communication skills. It focuses on the behaviors that hinder effective communication and provides the techniques needed to achieve communication credibility.

Achieving Communication Effectiveness eLearning
Achieving Communication Effectiveness Blended
Achieving Communication Effectiveness Facilitator Guide
Achieving Communication Effectiveness Participant Workbook

Preview the Achieving Communication Effectiveness Participant Workbook.

Diversity Awareness Training (eLearning)

The Diversity Awareness™ course provides team members with the tools that show them how to understand and respect people of other cultures. The course also helps team members develop the skills to gain greater understanding and respect from others. In addition, the course highlights how to successfully create a climate where team members appreciate differences and utilize these differences to improve interaction, increase problem solving, and promote innovation.

Diversity Awareness eLearning

Number Skills (Classroom)

Number Skills® is an 8-hour program usually divided into four 2-hour sessions or 2 four-hour sessions. Using proven techniques, individuals practice new skills using video, audio, and workbook exercises. Participants analyze and drill on number patterns, so they develop the skills to quickly and accurately identify and transfer data to written or computer-generated documents.

Participants achieve measurable increases in number accuracy, perception, and retention. To measure results, a Pre-and Post-Test is administered at the beginning and end of the four sessions.

Number Skills® Facilitator Guide
Number Skills® Participant Workbook

Preview the Number Skills® Participant Workbook.

Professionalism in the Office (Classroom, eLearning, Blended)

Professionalism in the Office trains participants to be more professional, thus more effective on the job. Overall, the workshop focuses on the positive results generated by an employee who has mastered certain skills.

Professionalism in the Office eLearning
Professionalism in the Office Blended
Professionalism in the Office Facilitator Guide
Professionalism in the Office Participant Workbook

Proofamatics (Classroom)

The Proofamatics course provides several types of exercises from which participants learn a variety of crucial skills. Topics include: a grammar/spelling review, consistency in capitalization and style, and a proofreading system that enables trainees to search for specific types of errors. Participants also perform exercises designed to strengthen eye muscles, reduce eye fatigue, and relax stressed muscles.

Proofamatics Facilitator Guide
Proofamatics Participant Workbook

Preview the Proofamatics Participant Workbook.