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Customer Service Training

We offer a variety of classroom and eLearning customer service training solutions to meet the needs of most organizations.  Our customer service training solutions will improve customer retention, create positive, memorable experiences for customers, and give customer service representatives the skills they need to deal with difficult customer situations.


No organization can afford to lose customers because of poor service, but many do. Customers remember how they’ve been treated and spread the news. Studies show that they are likely never to buy from you again, even if you have exactly what they are looking for. When customers are pleased, they’re likely to spend more on your product or service and will call again. When customer service representatives understand their role in this, they will keep customers coming back.

Winning Through Customer Service Facilitator Guide
Winning Through Customer Service Participant Guide

Preview Winning Through Customer Service Participant Workbook.

STAR SERVICE (Classroom and eLearning)

STAR Service is a powerful program designed to address the opportunity to improve customer experiences in face-to-face interactions. Your service employees will learn the process and skills they need to provide customers with Positive Memorable Experiences. The clear, practical, four-step STAR Service Process™, coupled with the communication skills taught in the workshop, help your employees not only to transform negative and neutral customer experiences to positive and memorable transactions but also to reaffirm and enhance long-term relationships, the foundation of business success.

STAR Service eLearning
STAR Service Blended
STAR Service Facilitator Guide
STAR Service Participant Workbook

Preview the STAR Service Participant Workbook.


Customer service representatives are provided techniques for dealing with difficult customer situations. Their role as customer service representatives offers many rewards and satisfactions. But there are many frustrations inherent in the job. During this training, they will learn the general guidelines for dealing with difficult customers in such situations: calming and focusing, and then practicing what they have learned.

Dealing with Difficult Customer Situations eLearning


Learners analyze the skills and strategies they use every day in their jobs to identify the techniques that they do very well and to develop ways for them to do their job better. During this training, participants will learn guidelines for delivering customer focused service, including understanding their role as a professional; the essential skills of communication: listening, questioning, verifying, explaining; and a four-step customer service model.

Delivering Customer-Focused Service eLearning