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Developing yourself or your employees is one of the wisest investments you can make.  At On Target Talent, we offer a variety of talent development tools–employee training, personality assessments, 360 feedback, and coaching services–that can be used individually or as part of a comprehensive employee development package.

Develop Talent

Everyone needs to continually hone their skills to improve their ability to perform the job they are in today, and at the same time prepare themselves for the next challenge.

Solutions? We’ve Got ‘Em!

If you are looking for employee training, personality assessments, or 360 degree feedback options, we will have a solution for you!

Employee Training

At On Target Talent, we offer flexible training solutions that can be a comprehensive talent development solution or included as part of a company-wide training plan. We offer award-winning customer service training, top-notch sales training, leadership training for all organizational levels, and productivity training. With an extensive e-learning offering plus classroom and blended training options, we are confident that our experts can create a training package that meets almost any budget. For skilled training managers, we offer facilitator guides and/or train-the-trainer sessions. However, our team has extensive experience in the classroom and can create customized-training solutions too!

Personality Assessments

Help management better understand potential candidates, members of their work team, and assist work team members in identifying their personal strengths and areas in need of development.

Proception2 Personality Assessment

Proception2 is an online DISC-based personality assessment system designed to provide insight into an individual’s behavioral style in a work environment. This system will help management better understand potential candidates, members of their work team, and assist work team members in identifying their personal strengths and areas in need of development.

The Proception2 questionnaire takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and generates a 12-15 page personalized report. The Proception2 is…

  • An immediate testing, evaluation and reporting tool.
  • Easy to administer and score.
  • Validated.
  • Generates over 2,100 unique reports.
  • An inexpensive, automated assessment system.


Download a sample report.

Download now.

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Download a sample report.

Business Motivators Report


The Business Motivators Report is often used with Proception2. This is an overview of the responses of the basic behavioral style. The report discusses how a person prefers to function in the work environment and provides feedback on the areas listed below.


Download a sample report.

Download Now.

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Download a sample report.

Potential Strengths in Business.

Highlights a person’s behavioral traits and aptitudes relating to the work environment.

Preferred Work Environment.

Outlines the work environment a person is most comfortable and productive in.

Personal Growth Suggestions.

Presents behavioral tendencies that may slow or hinder a person’s performance.

Communication Builders.

Suggestions to improve communication, reinforce relationships, promote credibility and gain trust.

Personal Performance Motivators.

Indicates the behavioral motivational needs of a person for top performance.

Communication Barriers.

Highlights what others do, say, or use that can hamper communication, relationships, reduce credibility and trust.

Personal Enhancement.

Suggests behavioral needs and wants that allow a person to perform at his/her best.

Adjustment to the Work Environment.

Helps to identify how a person adjusts his/her primary behavior to meet the requirements of the work place.

Strengths to the Team.

Outlines positive behaviors the person will contribute to the team.

360 Degree Feedback

Maximize performance potential with 360 degree feedback and data-driven development training.


Multi-rater or 360 degree feedback is a tool designed to help employees at all levels of the organization gain insight into their strengths and developmental needs by providing feedback from multiple perspectives — peers, subordinates, managers, and internal and external customers.

Value of 360 Degree Feedback

Many employees in today’s work environment are “feedback poor.” This means they do not receive accurate feedback of how well they are doing. Adding to this problem, corporate culture and social rules can often impede honest discussions about a person’s performance, especially his or her weaknesses.

So how can an organization fix this problem? The answer is 360-degree feedback.

360 Degree Feedback Key Uses

  • Leadership Development. Executives, managers and supervisors can better understand their respective strengths and areas for development.
  • Individual Skill Development. Members of the team give each other feedback about personal leadership abilities, team interaction and workplace skills.
  • Team Development. Analyze teams by receiving input from customers and other stakeholders.
  • Sales Development. Salespeople can receive feedback from their sales manager, sales team members, support staff and customers.

Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback

  • Provides cost effective feedback on a continuous basis
  • Fosters greater individual and work group performance
  • Reduces the barriers that inhabit creativity and innovation
  • Promotes better cooperation between individuals and operating units
  • Measures individual and organizational improvements over time.


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Career Coaching

Career coaching is primarily utilized for one of two reasons:
1. You are thinking about changing career paths;
2. You would like to develop and/or improve your skill set in your current role or for a future role within your organization.
In either of these cases, a career coach can provide you with the necessary tools, assist in creating an action plan, and hold you accountable for your established goals.