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Workplace conflict and dispute resolution requires its own special approach

We all know personalities don’t always get along. But then, there can be clashes about “getting the job done” that require their own special understanding, handling and means of resolution.

On Target Talent will give your managers the wherewithal to recognize and resolve:

  • Differences over quality
  • Arguments about resource allocation
  • Disagreements over dress code
  • Disputes about the division of work
  • Authority disputes
  • Vacation schedule controversy

Interpersonal conflict resolution has benefits for your entire organization

With the advanced skill to manage interpersonal conflict in today’s dynamic workplace, your managers and supervisors will enhance their communication skills to become more effective leaders. The entire team will enjoy:

  • Increases productivity through improved management/worker relationships
  • Greater focus and commitment to the task(s) at hand
  • Reduced stress levels throughout the workplace
  • It provides the best in hands-on, immediate classroom training – live real-world practice scenarios, a safe learning environment, and experienced trainer feedback
  • Training online provides all the necessary resources and continued learning reinforcement to allow supervisors, managers, and team leaders to learn at their own pace

We also offer online-only and Classroom-only versions of the course.

* Vital Learning’s Resolving Conflicts™ is a module in the Essential Skills of Leadership series. Each module builds upon the skills learned in the preceding module. For that reason, we recommend your trainees begin with the Essential Skills of Leadership™  course, followed by the Essentials of Communicating™  course.


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