Are pre-employment tests necessary?

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Are pre-employment tests necessary?

Incorporate Employment Tests into Your Hiring Process

In today’s competitive marketplace it takes more than just an interview to hire employees who will become your top performers.

Thomas Jefferson said, “No duty the executive has to perform is so trying as to put the right person in the right place.“

Your organization’s success begins and ends with the selection of the employees who are charged with the responsibility of keeping you ahead of your competition.

Avoid Bad Hiring Decisions with Pre-Employment Assessments

Let’s separate fact from fiction.  Organizations often hire unqualified employees with the idea that they can be trained to be a top performer. Recent studies refute the idea that training can make-up for a bad hiring decision. Success in any job is dependent on the person performing the job having the “right stuff” to actually perform the job well!

Simply stated, if a prospective employee doesn’t come pre-wired for success in a given job their odds of success are small at best. For example, a large retail organization using our pre-employment assessments saw a $10,000.00 per employee increase in sales when they hired prospective employees who scored at a certain level.

A mortgage banking organization saw a dramatic difference between their poor performers and top performers when using our employee assessments. It was a difference of nearly 100 percent in the securing of new mortgage loans.

Here are just a examples of companies using pre-employment assessments:  LifeCore, ATS Medical, Patterson Dental, Sentry Insurance, IMI Cornelius, TruGreen,Phillips Plastics and Marsh Insurance.

Our goal is to help our clients by listening and identifying their pre-employment test needs. No hard sell, we personally guarantee it!

If you’re seriously interested in winning in today’s competitive marketplace, take the next step contact us. We’ll be pleased to meet with you at your convenience to help you review your pre-employment assessment needs.

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