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Outztanding Customer Zervice

Nope.  That isn’t a typo.  Actually, it is a compliment to a small company called Zorbaz on the Lake, with several locations throughout the Upper Midwest.  Not only does this company have a fantastic marketing strategy, they also offer outstanding customer service.

An Example of Great Customer Service

Here’s the background story on this one.  In June, we took our first fishing trip to northern Minnesota.  It was on this trip that we discovered Zorbaz.  Great pizza.  Great vibe.  On the lake.  Live music.  What more can you really ask for?  Well, except great customer service.

Since it was our first visit, we had to learn the ropes.  At Zorbaz, you seat yourselves, review the menu, and then go up to the bar to place your order.  In my haste to get our order placed (those who know me well will understand this), I failed to review the prices.  So when I ordered two pizzas and drinks for six of us, I didn’t really think much about the $80.00 bill.  I just paid it.  They handed me our number and I returned to our table.

After a basket of free popcorn, our three pizzas arrived.  Oh wait, we only ordered two!  Without batting an eye, the server said, “No problem!  We will see if we can find someone else who wants this one!”  And she whirled away.  After only a few minutes had passed, the Zorbaz Manager came to our table.  She quickly apologized for the confusion and said that we had actually been charged for the three pizzas (which I clearly had no idea that I had done).  She offered to give me cash back since I had paid on a credit card.  She returned to the table a few minutes later with my cash and two free drink tokens as well.

There are very few places where I have received fantastic customer service, which is quite unfortunate.  In this case, I was thrilled with how the Zorbaz team had handled the situation and I wanted to pass along that positive feedback.  I found a comment card and shared my experience.  Later that week, before returning home, we went back to Zorbaz to use our free drink tokens and enjoy some live music lakeside.

Saturday came and it was time for us to return home.  On Sunday, I collected the mail from our lovely neighbor who picked it up for us while we were away.  Much to my surprise, I had received a letter from Zorbaz!  It was an apology and thank you letter for taking the time to provide feedback–AND a gift card!

4 Steps to Winning with Outstanding Customer Service

There are so many amazing things about this whole experience that I felt compelled to share it so others can learn from Zorbaz.  And here is the thing, the steps that they took are so easy but all too often overlooked.

  1. Make customer service a part of your culture.  It was clear that this is the case at Zorbaz.  Every interaction with each employee was very pleasant.
  2. Admit when you are wrong.  Many employees and companies have a hard time doing this.  Frequently, that can be the only thing the customer is wanting to hear.
  3. Remedy the problem as quickly as possible.  The pizza was taken away, the overcharge was handled, and I received two free bonus drink tokens for my pain and suffering.  Not too shabby at all.  And really, many companies would have stopped there.  And probably made the list of Companies that Offer Good Customer Service.
  4. Go above and beyond.  But then Zorbaz took it to the next level.  The letter and gift card beat me home from my vacation.  The company owners know that the majority of their customers are tourists.  It is possible that we may never make it back to that same exact location again but in the end, that doesn’t even matter.

For a minimal cost (2 free drink tickets, a stamp, a letter, and a gift card that may or may not ever be used), they have gotten the following:

  1. A free blog article written about them.
  2. A fan for life!

If your company isn’t leaving this kind of impact on its customers, take a look at our customer service training solutions.  We may just have something that will get things headed in the right direction!


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