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Whether you are new to organizational surveys–like an employee engagement survey or an employee satisfaction survey–or you have implemented employee surveys in your company in the past and would like some help making them more strategic or value added, On Target Talent can help.

Employee Engagement Survey or Employee Satisfaction Survey?

Employee Engagement Survey

Our team can help you with anything from design consulting to end-to-end implementation and everything in between. We believe that your organizational surveys, whether they are an employee satisfaction survey, or employee engagement surveys, should have a specific purpose. To help you meet your objectives and improve productivity. In today’s world, there is no room for “throw away” questions, or questions that you have no intention of taking action on once you receive the data. Read more about the most important question to ask on an employee engagement survey.

In addition, On Target Talent has simplified the organizational survey process for those companies that want an off the shelf employee satisfaction survey that can be implemented quickly and easily.

Contact us if you would like to discuss your organizational survey process.