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It’s easy, really. With over 50 years of combined organizational development and selection experience, our team has learned what works–and what doesn’t–when it comes to healthy organizations.

Talent Selection

[dropcap]1.[/fusion_dropcap] We help companies find the right talent. Your business is unique and this is why we offer a customized approach to your selection needs. We can give you the tools you need and train you on how to use those tools to find good talent. Or if you don’t have the right resources in-house to tackle your selection challenges, we will be happy to assist with a piece of the process or take care of all of your hiring needs.

Talent Development

[dropcap]2.[/fusion_dropcap] We help you develop talent. Once you have found those key people, help them grow. The engaged employee is the one who feels their talents are being utilized for the good of the organization. Stretch them, challenge them, help them see new possibilities.

Talent Retention

[dropcap]3.[/fusion_dropcap] We help you take care of your talent through Organizational Success. Get feedback. Give feedback. Understand and take action around the things that keep your people motivated to help you succeed.

On Target Talent can help with any or all of the above. Give us a call (319-804-8427) or send us an email. Let’s talk.

Competency Development

Competencies are the skills, behaviors, and knowledge that help your business grow, and at the same time, communicate to your employees how high performers behave.

Competencies should support virtually all of your organization’s other functions. Therefore, competency development is an effective way to increase your company’s capabilities.
On Target Talent will work with you to create competency models at the organizational and/or functional level. Once completed, your new competencies can be easily integrated into existing people practices such as interviewing processes, career development, performance management, succession planning, and compensation.

Our Progressive Growth Competency framework:

Ties directly to your strategic direction and priorities.
Describes successful behaviors and expected contributions for all employees, regardless of title or tenure.
Meshes with other company performance systems.

Our Approach:

We gather and analyze information about your vision, mission, and/or operating principles.
We meet with your company’s senior leadership and/or steering committee.
We gather input from high performing employees.
We recommend a set of basic competencies to your senior leadership and/or steering committee
We provide competency descriptors, which clearly articulate progressive growth within the organization.