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On Target Talent’s Top 5 Blogs of 2015

As we kick off the new year, sometimes it is fun look back at the year in review and celebrate our successes.  This week, we are reminiscing about our top 5 most-read blog articles of 2015.

Our Most-Read Blog Articles of 2015

Just for the sake of fanfare, we will count this down….

#5 On Target Talent Blog Article

Should Manager's Have an Approval Rating?

Should Managers Have an Approval Rating

This article discusses the fact that managers, just like employees, need feedback to continue to grow and improve.  We provide 5 tips to help managers improve their “approval rating.”



#4 On Target Talent Blog Article
To Promote or Not to Promote. That is the question!

Should I Promote My Top Performer?

In this blog article, we discuss why promoting your top performer can be a mistake.  You also learn the two not-so-great behaviors that are frequently displayed by new managers.  Finally, we share the critical behaviors that you should be looking for from any employee before you consider a promotion.



#3 On Target Talent Blog Article
6 Essential Roles of a Manager6 Essential Roles of a Manager

Even though traditional college textbooks may tell you that in order to be a good manager you must plan, organize, lead, and control–that isn’t what real life says when it comes to management.  We share the 6 essential roles that any manager will have to play.


#2 On Target Talent Blog Article

The Art of Team CommunicationThe Art of Keeping Your Team Informed

Communication is really an art.  In this article, we recommend our Essential Skills of Communication as the foundation and from there, discuss how to create a climate of open communication and detail what to communicate.


#1 On Target Talent Blog Article

Stretch-assignments.jpgWhat Is A Stretch Assignment?

There is some debate internally as to why this is our #1 most read article.  I like to tease Tim that people are really searching for stretching exercises but it turns out that managers may actually be looking for ideas on how to develop their employees–and that is fantastic news!  Learn how a stretch assignment can help your team members learn, grow, and add more value to the organization.

Not sure if you caught on to the theme quite yet but it seems as though managers are starving for information about how to be successful in their positions.  Leadership and management training isn’t just nonsense.  Give it a chance!  Contact us and get a plan in place for 2016.

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