Looking For a New Job? Be Clear About Your Ideals

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Looking For a New Job? Be Clear About Your Ideals

When it’s time to look for a new job opportunity and move on from your current role, most people take the shotgun approach to the search process.  They pull out their resume and make a few tweaks from the last time they looked for a job.  Next, they select a handful of job postings that look promising and start firing their resume off.  Meanwhile, they cross their fingers and hope for the best!  We find with our career coaching clients that when they are looking for a new job, it’s much better to take a use a focused approach to the process.  That’s why we encourage people to identify and be clear about your ideals.

Experience shows us that the clearer you are about what your ideal situation looks like, the more likely you are going to be able to find it.  We have identified four personal ideals or requirements for you to focus on.  If you can clearly articulate the answers to the questions below, your job search will be much more productive.

Answer 4 Questions to Streamline Your Job Search

    1. What does your ideal organization look like?  Some people like the structure, hierarchy, and (sometimes) security that comes from a large company.  The thought of having a clear career path is appealing.  Others like the entrepreneurial world or small business.  Often in these types of organizations you get to wear many hats and get involved in things you will never run across in a large company.
    2. What does your ideal boss look like?  Are you a person that needs a manager that checks in often and will give you specific direction?  Would you rather work for someone who will paint the big picture and give you the autonomy to figure out the best way to accomplish the task?
    3. What is your ideal work environment?  Regardless of whether a company is large or small, structured or entrepreneurial, every organization has a personality.  It’s reflected in the culture.  Some cultures are loose and informal.  Some are heavy on structure and process.  Some cultures are family like and emphasize collaboration and teamwork.  Others are full of people who prefer to work independently to get their work done and it’s encouraged by the management team.
    4. What does your ideal role look like?  What are the skills and abilities that are your biggest strengths?  What is it that you are known for in your current job?  What are the things you are passionate about or that really interest you?  Is there a something that you’ve spent time studying and you’ve always wanted to try it, but haven’t gotten the opportunity?  This combination of your skills and interests will help inform the type of work that you will be most successful pursuing.  Once you have identified these skills and interests, it’s as easy as identifying an organization that has a need for just that unique combination.

Once you are crystal clear about these four ideals, it will be much easier and efficient to look for a role that fits for you.  This will help you eliminate all the wasted effort of interviewing for jobs that don’t fit or that you already know will be short term at best.


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