Three Levels of Employee Engagement

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Three Levels of Employee Engagement

Are Your Employees Engaged?

Employee Engagement InfographicEmployee Engagement Statistics

The infographic above tells a powerful story.  Only 1 in 3 employees is engaged.  Here’s a look at what those three levels of employee engagement represent.

The Engaged Employee

Engaged employees are action oriented and encourage others in the work group to achieve objectives.  They bring a positive energy to the team and always seem to have a “can do” attitude.  Engaged employees are able to develop trusting relationships with managers, peers, and customers.  They find new and better ways to get work done and as a result are highly productive.

The Not Engaged Employee

Employees who are not engaged will show signs of being emotionally detached from their work and colleagues.  Their attitude may seem apathetic rather than positive or negative.  Workers who are not engaged will only do the basics of the job.  Just enough to get by, but never more than is asked of them.

The Actively Disengaged Employee

These employees will stimulate negativity within the work group by talking about what is wrong.  They tend to get hung up on problems rather than solutions, and in fact, are not open to alternative options for solving problems.  Because they are unhappy, actively disengaged employees will hang around with and talk to other unhappy people.  Perhaps the most visible sign of the actively disengaged is that they play the role of the victim.  Nothing is ever their fault.

Employee Engagement Solutions

If you are an employee, ask yourself where you fall in these three levels.  If you feel as if you are not engaged, or worse yet, actively disengaged, perhaps it’s time to work on your development plan and make some changes.

If you are a manager and you are worried about the fact that nearly two-thirds of your workforce is less than engaged, contact us to see how you can reverse these numbers.

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