Is The Business Card Dead?

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Is The Business Card Dead?

In the top desk drawer in my home office, there is a quart sized Zip-Loc bag filled with business cards accumulated on years of trips around the world.  Each one represents a meeting, a handshake, and a chance to build a relationship with the person who gave it to me.  Recently, however, I’ve started to notice a trend.  Fewer and fewer people are sharing business cards.  Producing your card and handing it to someone used to be second nature.  Not so, these days.  That prompts my question.  Is the business card dead?

If the card is not dead, it is certainly dying.  At the very least, it’s trying to figure out its place in the world.  My own habits around business cards have changed.  Mainly because of two apps on my iPhone.  Messages and CamCard

CamCard is one of my favorite apps, period.  Today, if you hand me your business card, I’m going to take a picture of it with my phone and the app will extract all the data and build a contact in my phone for you.  With remarkable accuracy, I might add.  Photo rich business cards are sometimes tricky, but a standard business card is a 5-10 second process.  Then I hand your card back to you and I don’t have to remember where it is six months from now when I need to call you.  As this technology becomes more ubiquitous, I can see people carrying one card, much like your driver’s license.  You pass it off long enough to have it photographed and then it’s back in your wallet.

Messages is my answer for sending MY information to someone.  If someone asks me for a card, I give them the choice.  I still have paper cards, but if someone just wants my contact information, I have it stored just like any other contact in my phone and I send it to them electronically through Messages.  When they click on the card, they can save it to their contacts and we’re connected.

So I’m curious.  What has your experience been?  Do you still use cards?  Has the quantity changed over the years? If not, what has replace the card?



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