I Hate My Job-Part I

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I Hate My Job-Part I

Things I Hate About My JobIt is Monday morning and you don’t want to get out of bed. All you can think is “I hate my job!”  The question really is:  What are you going to do about it?  It is time to make a plan.

How to Not Hate My Job

Over the next several weeks, we will share some tips and techniques that will help you go from hating your job to being a high performing, happy employee.  Are you up to the challenge?

  1. Update your resume (if you have one). The first step is always to have your resume up to date.  The easiest way to do this is to update it every year.  Add new jobs, titles, and responsibilities as they occur so you are not left trying to remember what you did the last several years.  But let’s be honest, many of us aren’t that diligent or organized.  So now what?
  2. Collect and organize supporting information (if you don’t have a resume or aren’t happy with it).  Just get started.  Jot down what you remember.  Don’t worry about formatting at this point, just content.
    -Review old performance appraisals.
    -List key accomplishments or major projects.
    -Sit down with a trusted co-worker and ask them about your accomplishments and/or strengths.
    -Talk to your significant other.  You may have blocked the memory of that project that sucked the life out of you, but your partner probably remembers.
  3. Write a resume.  Once you feel like you have some content to work with, do a search for resume examples.  There are countless sites with examples that you can review.  Pick the style that you feel most comfortable with.  Resumes are like opinions, everyone has one.  There is no right or wrong answer regarding resume style.  When you write a resume, we encourage you to make sure it is clean and easy to read.  Have other people review it and get their feedback.  If you like their suggestions, use them.  If not, keep what you have.  You have to like the format and the content and you have to feel really good about it and be able to talk through your resume.  When you get to that point, you are done…..for now.
  4. Save your resume in multiple places.  Once you have completed all of this work, you will not want to start over.  Save copies of your resume on your personal computer–not a work computer!  Make a copy and put it in your file cabinet with your taxes.  Put it on a zip drive.  Save it to the cloud.  Trust me, do these things.  It will help you in the long run.

So now what?  Well the obvious answer is to start looking at job sites and start applying.  There certainly are a many people that have been successful with this approach.  However, we suggest you take one more step before you do that–LinkedIn.  More to come on this topic soon!  We want to get you from I HATE MY JOB to I LOVE MY JOB!

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