I Hate My Job – Part II

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I Hate My Job – Part II

In I Hate My Job – Part I, we offered some tips for getting your resume in shape for a new job search.  This month, we will discuss how Linkedin, a free professional networking site, can benefit you.

How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, open one today.  It’s free!  Linkedin is like an online resume.  The professional networking site helps you:

  • Keep in touch with other professionals, both from a geographical or industry-wide perspective
  • Share your professional skills, accomplishments, and areas of expertise
  • Connect with others that may be looking for someone with your skill set

Not sure how to get started on LinkedIn?  Watch our short video and see how easy it is!


The Secret Reason to Create a LinkedIn Account

If you hate your job but are short on time to actively engage in a job search, you need to know that recruiters are constantly scouring LinkedIn for potential candidates. When recruiters have a job that they are looking to fill, they will search their Linkedin contacts to find anyone that has the professional experience needed for their open position.  And the great news is that you–as the job seeker–didn’t have to do anything other than create a LinkedIn profile!

Still wondering what LinkedIn is good for?  An active recruiter may have over 2,000 connections in their own LinkedIn account. Those 2000+ connections gives them access to a network of over 22,000,000 people.  Certainly, you don’t want them to miss you while you are sitting at your desk, hating your job.

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