How to Create a High Performing Sales Team

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How to Create a High Performing Sales Team

Managing and leading an effective sales staff can be very daunting.  In many cases, companies expect that because they are paying for a sales team that revenue will just miraculously appear.    However, it doesn’t always work that way.  There are several necessary steps that will lead not only to happy, successful sales professionals, but also a top-producing sales team!

5 Steps to a High-Performing Sales Team

1.  Utilize SalesMax as a pre-employment assessment. 

SalesMax is a widely-used pre-employment assessment that helps hiring sales managers evaluate sales candidates for the key attributes and behaviors that predict future success in a sales role.  If you are a sales manager and are not currently using a pre-employment assessment in your hiring process, we strongly encourage you to contact us for a free assessment.

2.  Establish clear sales processes.

Every industry and company is different.  Although there are many standards that exist across the sales process, there is no doubt that your organization has its own steps that need to be taken.  In The Art of Managing a Sales Team, author Nick Hedges suggests that if your reps are underperforming, a more stringent standardized sales process might be the key to helping them improve. He goes on to recommend that you tudy your highest performers to see which types of approaches work best at each step of the sales cycle and develop an “optimal sales process” for the whole team to follow.

3.  Provide sales training. 

Once sales processes have been established, you have to teach people how to incorporate these processes into their daily sales activities.  One of the best sales training programs that we have found is Customer-Oriented Selling™.  Our Customer-Oriented Selling™ program is the most comprehensive and flexible sales development tool available in the marketplace today. Consultative sales forces learn how to build successful business relationships by helping customers achieve both their business and personal objectives.  For the first time ever, we are offering this amazing sales training opportunity in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  Learn more and register for our upcoming Customer-Oriented Selling Workshop!

4.  Develop each of your sales professionals.

Every employee is an individual.  That means that they all have different development needs and passions.  If you have incorporated SalesMax into your hiring process, the great news is that it can also be used as a development tool down the road.  The SalesMax Development Report is designed to help current employees capitalize on strengths and improve weaknesses, through a Developmental Action Plan.

5.  Reward your sales professionals.

Money or compensation isn’t always the biggest motivator for employees but generally speaking, it works well for sales professionals.  Be sure that your compensation package rewards the behavior you want to see and that it aligns with your company’s goals and objectives.  Regularly benchmark against the competition because high-performing sales people can easily be recruited away.

If you can implement these 5 steps, you will be well on your way to a high-performing sales team.

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