How to Avoid Picking the Bad Apple

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How to Avoid Picking the Bad Apple

Fall in the Midwest is such a beautiful time of the year!  The humidity and temperature drops.  The leaves on the trees turn the most amazing shades of red, yellow, and orange.  And of course, it is also time to make the annual trip to the apple orchard.  Generally, the apple orchards offer a two-tier pricing system:

  1. If you pick the apples off the trees, they cost $2.00/lb.
  2. If you select apples off the ground the cost is only $.50/lb.

Have you ever thought that hiring the right employee is a little like a trip to the apple orchard?  It is easy to get the apples off the ground but is that the BEST apple you can get?   The apples off the ground are also a little cheaper to acquire, but are they the best apples in the long run?

How Can You Avoid Hiring a Bad Apple?Let’s say you have an opening for an administrative assistant at the office.  Someone at the office decides to hang a sign in the window.  A few applications are collected that seem okay and then an offer is made to the best of the batch. Right there, you just selected an employee from the ground.  They were okay and it didn’t cost you much.  Or did it?

What if that person doesn’t work out?  Did you know that the U.S. Department of Labor currently estimates that the average cost of a bad hiring decision can equal 30% of the individual’s first-year potential earnings.   But what about the residual affect on the rest of the company?  Employee morale, productivity, and motivation can tank simply because of one bad apple.  Suddenly, everyone is more concerned about that person’s attitude, attire, and aptitude instead of focusing on their work.

So what can you do to avoid it?  Picking apples off the ground may seem easy and inexpensive, but it may cost you more in the long run.  Hiring a professional to help you find the best apple may cost you more upfront, but it can be more cost effective than hiring a bad apple.

A Selection Consultant will:

  • Help you identify exactly what your organization needs and “who” you are looking for to fill that role.
  • Know where to find and “pick the best apples.”
  • Search for passive candidates as well as active candidates.
  • Screen/interview candidates to sift through the “bad apples” and only deliver the “good apples.”
  • Perform background and reference checks to identify any potential “blemishes” on the apples.

Bottom line, a Selection Consultant will help you find the BEST apple from a tree that you may not have known was even in the orchard.  Happy apple picking!

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