How Organizational Design is Like Building with Legos

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How Organizational Design is Like Building with Legos

My boys were never big Lego lovers.  Not sure why.  They just never got into Legos like a How Organizational Design is like Building with Legoslot of other kids I know.  The last time I remember them playing with Legos they were toddlers.  Back then, there were three things that they did with Legos:

  1. Dump the entire container of Legos out on the floor.
  2. “Build” some sort of non-descript structure that no one knew what it was.
  3. Stomp on the structure and start all over again.

Unfortunately, many companies take a traditional or routine approach to thinking about organizational design.  The experts define organizational design as the science (and art) of creating an organizational structure optimized to support strategic, business or cultural goals. It examines strategies, culture, structure, people, processes and more to achieve the established goals of an organization.

Common Org Charts

I am sure you are all familiar with the common org chart.  Below is an example of a traditional organizational structure.  Not a lot of actual design work (or art) went into this structure.

Traditional Org Structure

In today’s ever-changing, high-pressure world, a traditional structure may no longer be the right organizational design if the goal is to create a high-performing, flexible organization.

What about a collaborative organization structure that is flatter and fluid?  And focused on the customer?

Customer Focused Structure

This can work in many organizations but it does require developing competencies to provide a framework for the organization and managing talent effectively.

Next time you are feeling like your organization is not performing at the highest level possible, give some thought to dumping the Legos out of the bucket and getting creative.  You may find that by combining some “art” and “science” you can create a high-performing structure for your organization.

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