Grow Like a Lobster

Grow Like a Lobster

Maybe it is the time of year.  Or maybe it is just a coincidence.  But I feel like I am surrounded by people who feel stressed.  Stress is interesting.  For some, it is almost a motivator.  For others, it can be crippling.  A friend of mine who is currently going through some stress due to personal relationship shared this video with me because it really resonated with her.
After watching, listening, and thinking, it really hit home with me too.  And it fits perfectly with many situations in the workplace as well.
How We Think About Stress
Frequently, stress is seen as negative topic.  We tend to focus more on the physical and psychological results of stress.
  • Lack of sleep.  For some people, stress makes their mind go into overdrive and it can be difficult to shut it down and get to sleep.
  • Sore muscles.  Somehow, stress finds it way into our muscles.  For me, it is always in my shoulders and neck.  Thank goodness I have a great massage therapist who can help with that!
  • Under/over-eating.  Some individuals lose their appetite when stressed where others make terrible food choices when stressed.

How We Cope with Stress

In my opinion, our society does a pretty horrible job of coping with stress. It seems like we take two main paths:

  • Avoidance.  If we just avoid having a difficult conversation or making a difficult decision, it will just go away, right?  Unfortunately, it does not.
  • Medication.  If the stress is making us feel bad, we go see a doctor and they make us feel better.  For many people, that means using prescription drugs to “fix” the issues like lack of sleep.

How We Should Think About Stress

In this video, Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski shares his thoughts on stress.

  • Stress is growth.  Behind or underneath all of that stress, you are growing as an individual.  That is a good thing!
  • We all are lobsters.  We are soft and squishy on the insides but put up a rigid shell around ourselves for protection.
” The stimulus for a lobster to grow is that it feels uncomfortable!” – Dr. Abraham Twerski
  • It’s time to create a new shell.  When you feel stressed, it may be time to cast off your old shell and produce a new one that allows you to feel more comfortable and continue to grow.

So I leave you with this challenge today.  How can you be more like a lobster?  And if you are so inclined, share your lobster stories with us!



  1. Jeanna Panosh January 11, 2016 at 9:56 pm

    Great post Ellen!

  2. Angie Klein January 8, 2016 at 1:40 am

    Great article! I’m going to push myself to become uncomfortable in situations so I can shed my outer skin and grow…like a lobster.

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