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All too often, companies get caught up in day-to-day operations and forget about their employees.

Don’t fear, On Target Talent is here!

We can help you with career coaching and skill development through:

  • Training
  • Assessments
  • 360 feedback reports
  • and more.
We also partner with companies across all industries to help them with their selection and hiring needs. If you are ready to consider a new position or career, please send us your resume.


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Don’t let someone else own your career!
Get yourself headed in the right direction today with our $99 Career Coaching Starter Kit!

Career Coaching

Do you think about changing jobs? Careers? Do you wonder what happened to your career? Are you simply stuck in a rut and don’t know how to define your career path? If you answered yes to any of these questions, career coaching may be for you.

Need a Career Coach?

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Experts agree. You are the only person that really has a vested interest in where your career goes. Your manager may care about you, but they just won’t invest much time to help you achieve your career goals. Especially if that means you are preparing for a job that includes working for another manager or another organization.
On Target Talent has a variety of career coaching options. The misconception is that career coaching is expensive. It is not. If it helps you get what you want from your career, it is a small investment.

Meet the Head Career Coach

Getting Started

Our career coaching starter kit is the perfect place to begin. With this solution, you get access to the Proception2 assessment. Proception2 will provide insight into your behavioral style in a work environment. This is a critical first step in understanding the things that make you happy (or unhappy) in your current job.


After you complete the assessment, you will receive a 45 minute coaching call with one of our career success coaches. During that time, you will learn how to interpret your assessment and what it means in terms of your career, both short and long term. You will also receive a development planning tool that you can use to begin to formulate a plan for achieving what you want from your career.

Order the career coaching starter kit for just $99.00.