5 Reasons to Use a Meeting Facilitator

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5 Reasons to Use a Meeting Facilitator

How many times have you tried to have an important meeting with your company leaders and found yourselves getting off track or forgetting an important detail after the meeting?

Incorporating a meeting facilitator into your strategic planning sessions can be the difference between a valuable day and one that you may feel was wasted.

5 Benefits of Using a Meeting Facilitator

  1. Meeting preparation. A good meeting facilitator provides an agenda and if necessary, any specific homework assignments that need to be completed ahead of time. This provides the structure necessary for the day. Attendees will also know the topics that will be covered and who is responsible for providing specific information, if needed.
  2. Facility/meeting needs. A good meeting facilitator can also be a resource for choosing the right venue and location for your strategic planning session. Every company and team has its own unique culture. This should be taken into account when choosing a venue for a strategic planning session.
  3. Meeting focus. With a lot of meeting attendees in the room, in can be difficult to stay on track and meet your established goals for the day. A meeting facilitator can guide the group back on track, if necessary, and will likely do a better job of keeping to a schedule.
  4. Increase participation. A skilled meeting facilitator has the ability to engage all attendees in the conversation. This means they can tactfully handle those personalities that tend to talk too much or artfully connect with the quieter team members as well.
  5. Meeting follow-up. Everything we have mentioned above is very beneficial but perhaps the most important benefit of all is the follow-up needed once the meeting is complete. Meeting notes are critical. Also, any necessary action plans or follow up should also be distributed.

Are you convinced that you need a meeting facilitator for your next strategic planning session? If so, contact us to receive a quote. We look forward to being a part of your successful planning process.

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