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It’s OK To Stand Out In The Crowd

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Do you ever wonder why other people get picked for assignments, projects, or promotions and you don’t? It’s a common thread among coaching clients.  Individuals we’ve talked to have gone so far as to think that the organization, or their boss, has it “in” for them and they will never get the chance to do […]

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Outztanding Customer Zervice

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Nope.  That isn’t a typo.  Actually, it is a compliment to a small company called Zorbaz on the Lake, with several locations throughout the Upper Midwest.  Not only does this company have a fantastic marketing strategy, they also offer outstanding customer service.

An Example of Great Customer Service

Here’s the background story on […]

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5 Reasons to Use a Meeting Facilitator

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How many times have you tried to have an important meeting with your company leaders and found yourselves getting off track or forgetting an important detail after the meeting?

Incorporating a meeting facilitator into your strategic planning sessions can be the difference between a valuable day and one that you may feel was wasted.

5 […]

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