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Are pre-employment tests necessary?

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Incorporate Employment Tests into Your Hiring Process

In today’s competitive marketplace it takes more than just an interview to hire employees who will become your top performers.

Thomas Jefferson said, “No duty the executive has to perform is so trying as to put the right person in the right place.“

Your organization’s success begins and ends with the […]

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How to Motivate Employees

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Motivating employees is a challenge for many managers. Like many things in organizational development & leadership training—knowing how to motivate employees is part art and part science.

What is Motivation?

Before we get too far in to this discussion, let’s define motivation.

Motivation is defined as a set of energetic forces […]

I Hate My Job-Part I

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Things I Hate About My JobIt is Monday morning and you don’t want to get out of bed. All you can think is “I hate my job!”  The question really is:  What are you going to do about it?  It is time to make a plan.

How […]