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Thoughts About Aging and Work

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older worker“There’s a moment when people know—whatever their skills are at denial—that they have passed from what they can delude themselves into thinking is middle age to something that you could call the third act.” – Nora Ephron

A week or so ago, I posted the quote […]

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Is The Business Card Dead?

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In the top desk drawer in my home office, there is a quart sized Zip-Loc bag filled with business cards accumulated on years of trips around the world.  Each one represents a meeting, a handshake, and a chance to build a relationship with the person who gave it to me.  […]

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Do You Have a Job, a Career, or a Calling?

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From time to time, when I’m coaching someone about their career development, they’ll wonder what’s next for them in terms of a position.  It’s a fair enough question, and one that needs to be explored as part of your development plan.  It’s also a little sad to me how much e

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