Do you struggle with retention of your good staff?

Is it hard to find good people to hire?

Do your frontline managerial staff, including supervisors and managers seem to be struggling?

These are things On Target Talent can help with.  For nearly 30 years, our expert consultants have been researching, building solutions, and teaching new managers and supervisors how to swim and not sink.  How big is this problem?  In any organization, yours included, could have 65 to 70% of your managers (manager means they have people responsibilities) still acting as an individual contributors.  This is what causes your really good people to leave and why you find it hard to find replacements because people just don’t want to work for a manager like that.  And believe us.  This comes out loud and clear during the interview process.  This all has an exponential impact on your organization’s bottom line.  That’s right.  Things like learning to become a better manager have an impact on your finances.  We know all of this, and yet, most of the developmental dollars and resources go to executive training and development.

We have built a system which allows us to tackle this problem head on.  You may choose to address the entire system at once.  Developing competencies, conducting stay interview using our proprietary interview system, and training your front-line managers the fundamental skills necessary to do a great job.  This training is usually followed by multi rater feedback to identify behavior changes and working with the manager to build an action plan based on their feedback.

If you’re not ready to flip the switch on the whole package, at least start somewhere.  We can help you decide where to start and how to get started.

The first thing that needs to happen though is to engage in a conversation to see where you are today.  When you are ready to chat, fill out our contact us form below.  Send us the form and your comments and one of us will give you a call.


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