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Training Services & Hiring Solutions.

With over 75 years of combined talent selection and organizational development experience, On Target Talent is here to help! If you need assistance in hiring or retaining talent, training services & developing talent, or perhaps aren’t even sure what your company or team needs to improve, we can get you on the right path! Whether you are guiding an entire company on a voyage or setting the course for your own individual adventure, On Target Talent can help!

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Online Courses & Training Materials

Pre-Employment Assessments

Select pre-employment assessments
Pre-employment assessments for hourly positions. Available for specific roles and industries. Learn more.

Assess Pre-employment assessments
Pre-employment and development assessment for salaried and professional positions. Learn more.

SalesMax Pre-employment and development assessment for B2B sales professionals. Learn more.

Our Recruiting & Consulting Services

Recruiting & Consulting

At On Target Talent, we take a creative and customer-focused approach to assisting our clients with their recruiting & organizational development needs. You can control the cost by hiring out just the pieces and parts that you need. Contact us to receive a quote.

Recruiting Services:

An affordable and practical option for lower level positions or on-going recruiting needs.
Most widely-used outside recruiting service. Perfect solution for sales and mid-level professional positions.
High-level, confidential searches. Typically used for C-level positions.

Consulting Services:

Our experts can help you create a custom employee feedback survey, collect and analyze results, and develop an action plan that will move your company forward.Learn more…
Maximize performance potential with 360 degree feedback and data-driven development training.Learn more…
Career coaching is primarily utilized for one of two reasons:
1. You are thinking about changing career paths;
2. You would like to develop and/or improve your skill set in your current role or for a future role within your organization.
In either of these cases, a career coach can provide you with the necessary tools, assist in creating an action plan, and hold you accountable for your established goals.
Choose from:
Career Change Coaching or Career Development Coaching

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